Our Technology


Balfurd Pittsburgh Pennsylvania linen rental facility

To be as efficient as possible we’ve invested heavily in technology. 

Our rail systems that transfer goods to storage before and after the washers are fully automated. Slings automatically deliver goods to our production employees waiting to finish the process.

Our top of the line ironers assist in the sorting process to ensure our customers get what they’ve ordered.

Our CBW tunnel washers are equipped with a feature that shows a “proof of flow” of chemicals to make sure every product we put out is up to your standards.



Back-up Plan

Not only do we have a boiler… we have a second one just in case we need it. 

Our goal is to make sure our customers get what they need – no excuses!

Our 200 hp boiler is equipped with a variable frequency drive. This means it will ramp up and down based on the demand – and lower our carbon footprint.



  • Our CBW tunnel washers allow us to reuse about 50% of our water. 
  • We utilize a heat reclaiming process that allows us to transfer heat from our outgoing water to our incoming water. 
  • We also use a stack economizer which uses the exhaust heat from our boiler to heat incoming water. 
  • To make sure we’re discharging clean water back into the system, we use a shaker screen to filter out the biological waste. 


  • Not only does our boiler allow us to be as efficient as possible but so do our dryers.
  • Our dryers will determine if our goods are dry for us by measuring the inlet and outlet temperatures. This eliminates wasted gas usage because we don’t have to use timed dry codes. 


  • We’ve invested in all LED lighting throughout the plant – and the parking lot. 
  • LED’s have allowed us to reduce our lighting energy by 55%!



Bags hanging at Balfurd linen service in PA

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